Brand history

Magnum M-140


Honda GX160 5.5 HP, 115 lbs, 20 kN, compression depth 30 cm, plate 55x55 cm

Main (Magnum M-140)
Engine type petrol
Engine model Honda GX160
The engine 4 000 W
Motor power in HP 5.5 l.s.
Weight 115 kg
Centrifugal force 20 kN
Specifications (Magnum M-140)
Depth of seal 30 sm
The frequency of vibration 90 Hz
Performance 25 m2/h
Design and dimensions (Magnum M-140)
The length of the plate 55 sm
The plate width 55 sm
Irrigation system
Length 112 sm
Trim (Magnum M-140)
Water tank
Width 50 sm
Height 90 sm
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